Mary Webster and Associates

About the Artist

Mary Webster graduated in 1986 from the Boston School of the Museum of Fine Arts and Tufts University.  She earned a diploma, teaching certificate, BFA and MFA, with a special emphasis on painting in the styles of the Old Dutch Masters.  After years of study, she was faced with the question most artists face-"How could make a living as an artist?" 

After a year, Mary decided to join an established Boston decorative painting company where she learned glazing techniques and faux finishes. Expanding her education in order to build a portfolio full of fine art, decorative painting and personal expression. She was able to pay the rent!

For the past twenty years, MW&A have created a wide range of murals for multiple clients in Boston, Cape Cod, Florida and the Southeast. Transforming a wide variety of residential and commercial spaces with color and texture.

About three years ago, Mary saw a segment on Sunday Morning featuring Asheville, NC. She said to herself "Hmm! I want to be surrounded by artists, food crafters and musicians!" So she started her new journey! In 2011 MW&A moved from Cape Cod, Massachusetts to Asheville, North Carolina.  Mary's dream and passion is to use her years of experience and collaborate with emerging and established artists in the vibrant and art-rich community of Asheville, NC.

Artist's Statement

People often ask me what I like most about what I do.  The answer is always the same, "constant variety".  Each project presents it's own creative challenge.  I've tried to include examples of our diversity in this website.  They represent "the tip of the iceberg" but hopefully it will give you a sense of what we have to offer.