Mary Webster and Associates

Golden Age Still Life Painting

Throughout my career I've replenished my spirit by painting images that are technically challenging and filled with "old world" beauty.  The Dutch Masters have never ceased to amaze me.  Recently, I've begun painting still life paintings that celebrate the past.

The paintings are first painted with an "under-painting" of umbers and whites.  Once the tones and values are established, color is applied in washes of glaze.  The results are more luminous than directly applying paint to a white canvas.

Dazzled by Rachel Ruysch's "Vase of Flowers on a Table", I decided to create a contemporary version.  I changed a few elements of the small 23" x 19" still life that was painted 316 years ago.  The most dramatic difference is that my painting is 5' x 4'!  I've taken subtle, small details and enlarged them so everyone will see their beauty.

"Melon, Oysters, Lobster and Fruit", painted in the mid 1600's, inspired my "Golden Age Banquet".  Again,  I've changed certain elements including size.  But this dramatic 4' x 5' still life will clearly show my respect for the masters.

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Cycles of Life "Cycles of Life" 28" x 23" Oil on Canvas.
Work in progress Work in progress, "Melon, Oysters, Lobster and Fruit" 4' x 5'
Completed painting photo of completed painting