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Living Room, Brewster, MA

Living Room - Brewster, MA

Winner of HGTV's "Designer Challenge"

In the Fall of 2005, I was asked to create a mural by designer Irina Weatherly that would convince the Dugans of Brewster to choose us in HGTV's "Designer Challenge". The first step in the creative process was to meet with the family and listen to what was important to them. The 200 year old house was built by a sea captain but had been in the Dugan family for generations. We talked about the history of the home, their family and Brewster. Armed with stories from the Dugans and a camera, I went back the next day to gather images for my mural.

I created a number of small paintings that would convince them that they should choose us. One was a painting of the ships the sea captain might have sailed in the early 1800s. Another was a portrait of the Dugan house when 6A was a dirt road.

The presentation was a success. We won!

The next step was to design the mural and paint it. Knowing that it would be seen nationally and had to be completed on a tight time line for filming, only added to the fun! The show will be aired on HGTV in the Fall of 2006

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The first panel The first panel depicts the sea captains ships at sea. On the shore is a portrait of Mr. Dugan and his son.
The old Grist Mill Artistic license allows the sea to gently merge into Brewster's Stoney Brook as it travels by the old gristmill. There hungry sea gulls await the annual herring run. Watching the annual "feeding frenzy" was a fond memory of the Dugans.
Cranberry Bog On the next wall, I've painted the Dugan's cranberry bog with portraits of dad and grandfather with the old wooden cranberry scoops.
Model A Truck The family's "Model A" truck is in the foreground.
Over the Mantel Over the mantle, there is a portrait of the house. The figure on the wine cellar door is a portrait of Mrs. Dugan. It was painted to look like the old ship captain's "maidenhead".


Story by the Cape Cod Times of the Mural that won HGTV's Designer's Challenge for a Brewster Couple. (image file)
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