Mary Webster and Associates

Children's Murals

Murals for Children and the "Young at Heart" are always fun.  This wonderful room was inspired by a Venetian Carnival.
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African Mural In this child's room, a mural depicts a tropical jungle with friendly animals.  A giraffe, lion, zebra and tiger fill the main wall of the room.
Giraffe and Elephant This mural depicts a friendly giraffe and elephant. The large animals were painted on an off white wall.  Using the existing wall color is faster and less expensive than painting a background scene and still we've added fun and interest to the room.
Teddy Bear Woods A  doting grandmother decided that her first grandchild should have a very special room.  Two of the walls were painted on canvas in my studio and the rest of the room was painted on site.  We felt that once the child out grew the room, we could remove and store the canvas for another child or generation. This mural was inspired by the beloved children's book, "The Teddy Bears' Picnic".
Garden This child's room was painted to feel like you're looking out on to a beautiful garden.  The drapery is tromped to look real. The abundant garden is painted in colorful but soft tones, adding interest and warmth to the room.
Fairy tale This is a picture of a mural on canvas in my studio before it was installed in the child's room.  It's an elaborate fairy tale mural complete with castle, courtly rabbits and enchanted swans.