Mary Webster and Associates

Glazes, Faux Finishes and Gilding

We offer all glazing techniques. Rag glaze, strie glaze and striping have been the most popular. However, over the past couple of years, iridescent and pearlescent washes are gaining in popularity.

We also offer all the faux finishes. Our marbling and graining can fool most people. One give away on faux marble is that it doesn't feel as cold as real marble. But it can look as beautiful. We are often asked to faux marble columns, archways, and mantles. The cost is more reasonable than real marble and any color is possible.

In this room, the walls were glazed, and the columns were faux marbled and accented with 23k gold.

The three panel mural was painted in my studio on canvas and installed over the mantle.
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Striping, Gilding and Faux Marble The walls in this room were striped in a rag glaze.  The columns were  faux marbled in complimenary colors. The moldings were accented with 23k gold. When complete, the columns were varnished in a high gloss, nonyellowing coating.
Iridescent Gold Wash The walls of this two story stairwell were based out in Cameo White and glazed in a soft peach tone.  When dry, the walls were washed with an iridescent gold.  When the chandelier is lit, the walls shimmer.