Mary Webster and Associates

Private Inspirations

Over the past 20 years, I've painted miles and miles of commissioned work.  It's been a wonderful journey.  Each project a new, interesting challenge.

However, a few years ago I started painting when I wasn't painting!  My grand still life paintings, icons of nature, nests and bird portraits are examples of my private inspirations.

Many of my works on canvas are available in archival reproductions in proportionate sizes.

Golden Age Still Life Painting

Golden Age Still Life PaintingThroughout my career I've replenished my spirit by painting images that are technically challenging and filled with "old world" beauty. The Dutch Masters have never ceased to amaze me. Recently, I've begun painting still life paintings that celebrate the past..
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Tulip Paintings

Tulip PaintingsAs in the "Golden Age Still Life Painting", my series of Tulip Paintings underline my fascination with dramatic lighting, color and composition. The tulips were so beautiful when first cut. But as they began to wilt they seemed to take on a new life. Color changed and petals relaxed. I found the transformation inspirational..
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Icons of Nature

Icons of NatureI've been creating "icons of nature"for a number of years. They are painted on gessoed mahogany, maple or board and gilded with white or yellow gold The technique gives the pieces an "old world" feel. When lit by candle light they seem magical..
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Nests of Nature

Nests of NatureI will continue to create icons but I've begun to "branch out" with my "Nests of Nature" series. Many are very complex and quite challenging. Sometimes when I begin one, I wonder how I will manage it. But like the little bird putting twig by twig together it happens..
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Paintings of Nature

Paintings of NatureRecently I've begun a series of smaller works on canvas that I hope will underline my fascination with the personality of my subjects. .
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